The Performance Criteria includes:

  1. Measure CSP plant performance with and without HYCSOS solar cells.
  2. Design and develop customized testing and monitoring methodology for HYCSOS plants to track improvements in conversion efficiencies.
  3. Develop industry standards for testing and monitoring efficiencies of high temperature solar cell equipped power plants.
  4. Consult and advice on maintenance and repair of HYCSOS plants.

HYCSOS technology takes full advantage of the unique quantum electrodynamic properties of graphene whose discovery was awarded the 2010 Nobel Prize in Physics.

The HYCSOS graphene shell/ wide band gap semiconductor aligned nanowire core solar cells are designed for operation at high temperatures without compromising conversion efficiency. The economical manufacture of these cells is made possible by employing methodologies that are used on a very large scale by the aerospace industry for example.

Integration of the HYCSOS cells with the heat receiving elements of power tower, parabolic trough and Fresnel lens concentrating solar power (CSP) plants requires an engineering effort which we offer to provide.

HYCSOS equipped CSP plant efficiency will be determined using fully integrated modules operating under actual solar field conditions.