The inventor of HYCSOS, Dr. Dieter M. Gruen, is an internationally renowned scientist and innovator with a distinguished 25 year record of research in nanocarbons that include graphene for which he received a Gold Medal from the US Materials Research Society.

Dr. Gruen and his collaborators have fabricated graphene/wide band-gap semiconductor diodes that rectify currents at temperatures up to 900 Centigrades. This pathbreaking achievement implies that photodiodes composed of graphene/wide band-gap semiconductors should be feasible and can be expected to maintain high conversion efficiencies at temperatures up to at least 400 Centigrades where CSP plants convert heat to electricity. Recent ab-initio quantum mechanical calculations on models of such photodiodes confirm and strongly support this supposition.

As President of Dimerond Technologies which holds the HYCSOS patents, Dr. Gruen as well as his partners and staff are intimately involved in the HYCSOS development effort and provide expert HYCSOS consulting services.

  1. Consultation includes details concerning the synthesis and characterization of the HYCSOS solar cells, their materials of construction as well as the necessary equipment and facilities.
  2. Additional consulting services on the processes required for integration of the cells with heat receiving elements, inversion and electrical connection to the grid can be made available.
  3. Further HYCSOS services, if desired, involve detailed discussions of the current state of the CSP industry, regulatory issues, licensing, environmental issues and financing.