How Hycsos Works

Hycsos: 24 hour Solar Power

Humanity has to have access to power 24 hours a day in order to survive and thrive. To achieve this in a world primarily powered by the sun which shines 8-10 hours a day requires 14-16 hours of stored energy that can be converted to electricity after sunset.

This can be done with two separate Central Station Power (CSP) plants.

  • The first generates electricity during the day with solar cells (direct or PV conversion).
  • The second concentrates light to produce high temperature heat which is stored in molten salts or other media and used after dark to make high pressure steam for driving turbine generators (indirect or thermal conversion).

Another way of doing this would be to build two direct conversion or PV plants with the first generating electricity for daytime use and the second storing electricity in batteries for use after dark. Since both of these alternatives are expensive, solar power has so far been unable to penetrate the marketplace in a major way.

The Hybrid Conversion Solar System (HYCSOS) offers an economical alternative that could rapidly make the susn the global energy source. HYCSOS eliminates the need for two separate plants by combining both approaches to the conversion of sunlight to electricity in a single plant. Both functions are achieved simultaneously: solar cells producing electricity by day are placed so as to be in thermal contact with heat receiving elements capable of storing large quantities of heat at high temperatures inexpensively for conversion to electricity after dark.

Is it magic?